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Everyday millions of people around the globe search online for products, services and whatever they need, they do business online, they purchase products online, they order for services and infact today we don’t move before searching online because nobody has time to search stuff by going market to market.

Today billions of people interact, share and do business online with each other, trillions of websites, social media platforms, technology platforms and mobile applications are serving globally to fulfill global requirements.

You have the opportunity to offer your products and services to local, national and international market to make very good profit.

Directory Pakistan is a leading online business Directory of Pakistan giving you an opportunity to showcase your business, products and services to global audience in very economical price and not only this but also offering an opportunity to join a business development network with many useful services and facilities.

Join us today to grow your business, introduce your services, sell your products online & found online to reach millions of customers searching for your business in just PKR 3500/- Rupees only for a year !

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What we are offering?

Your customers can now easily find you Online, On Google, Bing & all Search engines !

We work hard to optimize your business to all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others so whenever a customer search you on internet they can easily get your information online through our platform, they can get updated information about your business anytime and any day. Just in 3500 rupees annually. 

If you are not satisfied, we will refund you the full amount at any time of the year, this is our promise !

We guarantee you will find our platform useful for your business, if you not satisfied you can claim 100% refund anytime during the year, we will pay you back your entire money in a day. For us your satisfaction matter. It’s 100% risk free offer because we believe we are offering very unique services no one is offering in Pakistan. 

Immediate Financial Assistance up to Rs. 100,000 for you and your family in case of any health emergency !

Life is very precious and at any time, a person may face situations where he needs financial help. Our platform can provide immediate assistance to anyone in case of a health emergency for 100,000 rupees, so that no one’s life is lost due to financial issue. It’s a 24/7 support service. 

Advertising & marketing your business to thousands of daily visitors, sending customized emails & WhatsApp about your business & offers !

Many businesses fail because they don’t do marketing or advertising, which requires a lot of capital and expertise. We promote your business through internet marketing and provide information related to your business. Through the Internet, you can introduce your business to  countless people every day, this is the most effective and cheapest way. Every day, thousands of people use our website for their needs, we are introducing your business products and services through our platform. We send emails and WhatsApp to our users about businesses listed in our website.

You'll enjoy deals & discount offers from thousands of brands and businesses associated with us throughout the year !


Countless brands and businesses of everyday necessities are offering many discounts to our members.  From health to beauty, grocery to labs, travel, hotels, tickets, online shopping store and many more offers different discounts and deal every day for our members. You can take advantage of these offers round the year. We will continue to provide you with information about deals, discounts and offers through email and WhatsApp.  All these discounts and deals can save a lot of money throughout the year.  This special offer is only for all our members. 

It's not just a website it's a platform where you can improve your business earn more profit start new business we will be with you everywhere in your success.

This is not just a website, in fact, it is a huge platform whose purpose is to make your life easier, help you in your business, stand with you in your problems, guide you in every possible way.  How to make life better and happier with the help of each other.  Be part of us and take advantage of this great opportunity today. 

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Why this platform is important for you?

Doing business is not easy for everyone especially for startups; it requires too much efforts, planning, strategies, knowledge, and experience, resources, guidelines, marketing & advertising skills, dealing with human resource, maintaining finances and careful decisions time to time. We are offering a platform for interacting, learning, sharing and doing business together under an umbrella, to learn from other’s mistake, to seek guidance from successful people, to understand your business industry from experts. We are connecting you to useful resources for your success, growth and financial freedom.

Value of Money !

We all know, 3500 Rupees annually is an amount even a stall owner can pay easily, we are offering this little amount for first 1000 customers. We are offering a range of benefits, also we are offering 100% refund if you are not satisfied, so this is totally risk free offer. You can enjoy thousands of deals, discounts and offers from the businesses offering huge discount and not only in one single brand or business, you can enjoy unlimited offers throughout the year, either it’s your favorite restaurant or clothing brand, any electronics item or any gadget, from travel, tour, hotel booking, buy and sell there are unlimited opportunities you will find through email and WhatsApp. Join us today for a better tomorrow & let’s connect with a community committed for success.

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