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Introduction to Murree District:

Murree is a mountain resort city and district, located in the Galyat region of the Pir Panjal Range, within the Murree District of Punjab, Pakistan. It forms the outskirts of the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area, and is about 30 km (19 mi) northeast of Islamabad. It has average altitude of 2,291 metres (7,516 ft). The British built this town during their rule to escape the scorching heat in the plains of Punjab during the summers.                                                                          Construction of the town was started in 1851 on the hill of Murree as a sanatorium for British troops. The permanent town of Murree was constructed in 1853 and the church was consecrated shortly thereafter. One main road was established, commonly referred to even in modern times, as the mall. Murree was the summer headquarters of the colonial Punjab Government until 1876 when it was moved to Shimla.

Murree became a popular tourist station for British citizens of the British Raj. Several prominent Britons were born here including Bruce Bairnsfather, Francis Younghusband, Reginald Dyerand Joanna Kelley. During the colonial era, access to commercial establishments was restricted for non-Europeans. Such establishments included Lawrence College, Murree.

Since the Independence of Pakistan in 1947, Murree has retained its position as a popular hill station, noted for its pleasant summer weather. Many tourists visit the town from the IslamabadRawalpindi area. The town also serves as a transit point for tourists visiting Azad Kashmir and Abbottabad. The town is noted for its Tudorbethan and neo-gothic architecture. The Government of Pakistan owns a summer retreat in Murree, where foreign dignitaries including heads of state often visit.

Origin of Word Murree:

The name Murree is derived from ‘marhi’, “high place” although there is a popular belief it was named after the virgin Mary during the British times Murree, or Marhee as it was then called, was first identified as a potential hill station by Major James Abbott in 1847The town’s early development was in 1851 by President of the Punjab Administrative Board, Sir Henry Lawrence. It was originally established as a sanatorium for British troops garrisoned on the Afghan frontier Officially, the municipality was created in 1850.


The permanent town of Murree was constructed at Sunnybank in 1853. The church was sanctified in May 1857, and the main road, Jinnah Road, originally known as Mall Road and still commonly referred to as “The Mall”), was built. The most significant commercial establishments, the Post Office, general merchants with European goods, tailors and a millinery, were established opposite the church. Until 1947, access to Mall Road was restricted for “natives” (non-Europeans).

In the summer of 1857, a rebellion against the British broke out. The local tribes of Murree and Hazara, including the Dhund Abbasis and others, attacked the depleted British Army garrison in Murree; however, the tribes were ultimately overcome by the British and capitulated. From 1873 to 1875, Murree was the summer headquarters of the Punjab local government, after 1876 the headquarters were moved to Shimla.

The railway connection with Lahore, the capital of the Punjab Province, via Rawalpindi, made Murree a popular resort for Punjab officials, and the villas and other houses erected for the accommodation of English families gave it a European aspect. The houses crowned the summit and sides of an irregular ridge, the neighbouring hills were covered during the summer with encampments of British troops, while the station itself was filled with European visitors from the plains and travellers to Kashmir. It was connected with Rawalpindi by a service tangas.

It was described in the Gazetteer of Rawalpindi District.

Climate of Murree:

Murree features a monsoon influenced subtropical highland climate (Cwb) under the Köppen climate classification. It is situated in the outer Himalayas, retaining high altitude. This type of area has cold, snowy winters, relatively cool summers with drastically escalated rain, in relation with lower altitudes, and frequent fog. Precipitation is received year round, with two maxima, first one during winter and second one at summer, July–August. Total mean precipitation annually is 1,904 mm (75.0 in).[14] Murree receives around 62.6 inches (1,590 mm) of snow per year according to a 13-year data. Heavy snowfall starts in January and February.

Rain and Hail Storms

In this place, this season causes abundant rain and hail storms. A splendid view is offered by the fruit trees loaded with flowers. Summer begins in mid-June and lasts until the end of August. During this season, the lowest temperature is between 13°C and 16°C, while the highest temperature is 20°C to 25°C.

It is the best season in the region, and during this season, most people visit the city. Autumn begins with September’s arrival and lasts until winter starts in early December. During this season, temperatures remain mild. During autumn, a clear sky could be seen in the area when one can enjoy complete views of the mountains around without cloud hindrance.

Heavy Snowfall

In December, winter begins and generally brings heavy snowfall. During most of the season, Murree witness snowfall along with its surroundings. Mostly the temperature varies below the freezing mark. The average yearly rainfall and snowfall are 904 mm (75.0 in) and 62.6 inches, respectively.

Language of Natives in Murree:

Pahari language spoken in Murree and its suburbs is in contact with Urdu, the national language of Pakistan. It is also in contact with Punjabi and English.




Population Census 2017-03-15




Murree 233,017 Population [2017] – Census 434.0 km² Area 536.9/km² Population Density [2017] 1.5% Annual Population Change [1998 → 2017]





Location of the Union Council within the Murree region.

Murree is the municipal capital of Murree Tehsil, an administrative division of the Rawalpindi District. As well as being tehsil headquarters, Murree is also a Union Council, bounded to the north by Darya Gali and Rawat, to the west by Ghora Gali and Tret, to the south by Numbal and Mussiari, and to the east by Ghel and Angoori.

Sea Level:

The name “Murree” means “high place” and it stands at 7,517 feet above sea level in the Pir Panjal range. It was founded in the 18th century by the British, and served as the summer headquarters of the British Raj in the Punjab Province until 1864.


For administrative purposes, the military areas of Murree are divided into two separate cantonments, Murree Gali Cantonment and Murree Hills Cantonment.Murree houses the headquarters of the 12th Infantry Division of the Pakistan Army, several educational and training institutions, and a combined military hospital established to serve Murree and adjoining garrisons.

The Pakistan Air Force also maintains a base at Lower Topa, near Patriata, with its own military boarding school for boys, PAF Public School Lower Topa.

During the British Raj, in the hot season Murree was the headquarters of the Lieutenant General of the Northern Command. The Commissioner of the Rawalpindi Division and the Deputy-Commissioner of Rawalpindi also resided here during part of the season, for which period an Assistant Commissioner was placed in charge of the subdivision consisting of Murree Tehsil. The site was selected in 1850 almost immediately after the annexation of the Province, and building operations commenced at once. In 1851 temporary accommodation was provided for a detachment of troops; and in 1853 permanent barracks were erected. The regular garrison generally consisted of two mountain batteries and one battalion of infantry.

Current Famous Personalities:

  • Ansar Abbasi, journalist and socially conservative commentator

  • Kashif Abbasi, journalist, television talk show host and anchorperson

  • Muhammad Nawaz Abbasi, former justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and a former justice of Lahore High Court

  • Sadaqat Ali Abbasi, politician & sitting Member of the National Assembly

  • Sadia Abbasi, politician

  • Shahid Khakan Abbasi, former Prime Minister of Pakistan

  • Zafar Mahmood Abbasi, Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) of the Pakistan Navy

  • Marriyum Aurangzeb, politician

  • Javed Malik, former Ambassador at Large of Pakistan & Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on foreign investments


  • Murree  is a popular hill station and a summer resort in Pakistan, Murree is specially for the residents of Islamabad. Murree is also visited as one of the most favourite destination for Pakistani tourists in Sumer and during snowfall of winter.                                                                         

  • Murree is a hill station on the border between Punjab and Azad Kashmir in Pakistan.

  • An American journalist Camile wrote, that, “Everything and anything can happen in Murree. Romance is in the atmosphere; intrigue is in the air. The roads to this happy holiday’s resort embrace both the heaven and earth. In Murree it is easy to fall in love”.

  • The main attractions of Murree are its natural scenery and refreshing atmosphere. It is an ideal place for a family get away and vacation. With its many places of interests like Patriata, Ayubia, Nathiagali, Bhurban, Khanspur it offers many spots for picnics, mountain hiking and trekking. The best of these treks is from Dungagali to Murree on the water pipeline.                                                            

  • Murree was once a charming colonial town nestled in the Himalayan foothills – but the last 15 years have seen rampant development and today Murree more closely resembles a litter-strewn overcrowded tourist resort. However it remains exceedingly popular with Pakistani families and still receives glowing recommendations from this demographic. For the international visitor heading further north to the Galis (e.g. Nathia Gali) may prove more rewarding. In summer it is cool – even chilly in the evening – while light rain is common. In winter Murree hides herself under thick blanket of snow, however few tourists visit at this time and most hotels and attractions will be closed.

  • Mountains covered with snow, valleys with fog, forests with heavy green trees and the weather, all these things make Murree an ideal place for tourists to visit.                                                                            

  • Murree is also called the Malika e Kohsar because it is nestled in one of the largest mountains ranges of Pakistan, the Himalayan Mountain Range. And by the word it means, Malika means Queen, and Kohsar means mountain. So Murree called the Queen of Mountains.

  • Handicraft shops.                                                                          

  • Church at Nathiyagali is also its speciality.                                                                         

  • Chair lift and cable car are other most highlighted features of Murree which everyone loves. It can take one from new Murree to Patriata which are at the distance of 7km from each other. The whole area which comes in between these two destinations is covered with dark and huge forests                                                                 

  • The town also serves as a transit point for tourists visiting Azad Kashmir and Abbottabad.

  • Biryani cooked with either chicken or muttonis another very popular dish on Murree menus. This is usually accompanied by basmati rice cooked in a local style and the dish is served with a refreshing yoghurt made from local milk.

Animals in Murree:

According to Roberts (2005) animals such as the Asiatic Leopard, leopard cat, Himalayan palm civet, Hill Fox, barking deer, rhesus monkey and Flying Squirrels can be found here. Murree hills are much significant for avian fauna.


Murree is located along Islamabad-Kohala highway N75, some 30 km (19 mi) northeast of Islamabad.

Murree is accessible by road from the centre of the Islamabad and Rawalpindi areas. It is still associated with Britain; many British fruits (including cherries, raspberries and strawberries) thrive locally.

Picnic Places of Murree:

Chair Lift and Cable Car

Patriata has a scenic two stage cable car that would take the tourists to the highest point of Murree Hills. Those not interested in waiting in the queue for the ride can drive up to the Patriata top. PKR 400

Murree Safari Train

Explore the scenic Kashmir Point with the Safari train. 

Adventure Park

Another exciting thing to do in Murree is visiting Sozo Adventure Park and get thrilled with haunted house and amazing adventure rides.


The Golf Course at Bhurban is unique because of its altitude and tough layout.

The railway connection with Lahore, the capital of the Punjab Province, made Murree a popular resort for Punjab officials, and the villas and other houses erected for the accommodation of English families gave it a European aspect. It was described in the Gazetteer of Rawalpindi District, 1893.94 .

The sanatorium of Murree lied in north latitude 33.54′ 30″ and east longitude 73 26′ 30″, at an elevation of 7,517 feet (2,291 m) above sea level, and contained a standing population of 1,768 inhabitants, which was, however, enormously increased during the [May-November] season by the influx of visitors and their attendant servants and shopkeepers.

It is situated on the southern slopes of the Western Himalayan foothills as they ascend to the northeast towards Kashmir. During British Rule in the nineteenth century, its altitude was established at 7,000 feet (2,100 m), but its actual altitude has now been determined as 2,300 m (7,500 ft) above sea level.

Murree has expanded since 1947 at a rate much greater than that which its infrastructure can sustain. Securing water and electricity has been a constant challenge. The jam-packed bazaar has caught fire a number of times in the last century, and the growth of tourism and a construction boom have had an adverse effect on the local environment.


Murree Hotels :

  • Blue Pines Inn Murree                                                

  • Greens Hotel Murree

  • Pearl Continental Burban Resort Murree


  • Murree Holidays

  • Cecil Hotel                                                             

  • Maisonette Morning Side

  • Shangrila Resort Hotel Murree                                                                                                                                              

 Murre to Nathiagali & Nathiagali to Abbottabad (Tour Excursion)

Nathiagali the famous resort area is only 45 minutes from Murree. The descent on the Nathia Gali – Abbottabad road leads to the city of Abbottabad right under the Murree hills. Abbottabad, a popular summer resort in the midst of spacious valleys, is surrounded by green hills and is a pretty large city and is located at a distance of 116 km from Rawalpindi and 217 km from Peshawar if you follow the MAIN road. It can get pretty hot in summers and pretty cold in winters but the temperature range stays bearable. It may feel hot in the sun but its cool in the shade. Surrounded by high hills, Abbottabad is named after its first British Commissioner Sir James Abbott. It still has a very British air. The Cantonment area of Abbottabad is still very British. The European bungalows, the club, the churches and the cemeteries are still there. Lots of greenery in Abbottabad, beautiful trees and nice gardens.

Mall Road:

There is a main road which is the centre of activity (I think its called the Mall). The good hotels are SpringField, Sarban and others. Abbottabad is famous for its golf courses. Take a visit. Also see Shimla Hill View Point, Illayasi Mosque with a natural water spring and there is a pool nearby which I think carries crocodiles. The place has beautiful gardens like; Jinnah Garden, Ladies Garden etc maintained by the local Cantonment Board. The splendid stretch of turf promises plenty of room for polo, football, hockey and golf. At the back of the station towards the west is the Brigade Center, which is an ideal place ideal for walks and picnic. Nice place to stay If you’re coming from Lahore to visit the North.


The Nathiagali region serves as home to all kinds of wildlife; various species of birds, insects, butterflies and animals. Unlike the crows of the southern cities of Pakistan, you will find ravens in areas like Nathiagali. Visitors are advised to sun their bedding on arrival to get rid of bed-bugs, and to keep repellants and pesticides for insects as these have a tendency to show up a lot, especially in old homes, and in the monsoon season.

Horses are a common sight during summer months and are offered to children and adults alike for rides at rates that are often negotiable.

The World Wildlife Federation has an office in the Galiaath, in recent years, this organisation assisted in the breeding of a certain type of leopard in the Black Forest right by Dungagali and Nathiagali, this area was thought to be a perfect habitat for such creatures, but according to local reports they frequently come out of the forest.


‘Fuschia Restaurant’ near Kashmir Point just before the Governors House is a newly opened restaurant. It offers a mix of English, Pakistani, Italian and more. The Restaurant also has thrilling games for children such as a Jumping Castle, Trampoline, battery powered cars and an Arcade.

  • Red Onion Chain of Restaurants situated on the main mall road, stands one of the most modern restaurant in Murree. Established in 1993, pioneer to ‘Buy one Pizza & Get the second one Absolutely FREE’ this restaurant offers a wide range of cuisines not offered anywhere else in the vicinity i.e Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Pakistani & Continental. Prices are very moderate, ambiance is modern & customer service is very friendly! Other branches of Red Onion; Nathiagali, Abbottabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Rawal Dam & Karachi.

  • Saffron: An elegantly decorated restaurant with stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys. Saffron offered the ultimate personalized culinary experience. The menu is a blend of continental and local favorites including our very own rendition of the ever-popular chicken karahi and chicken makhani. Saffron lies overlooking crisscrossing paths, beautiful hills and valleys. The restaurants outdoor patio allows you to dine under the roof of the world , in the most breathing natural surroundings our part of the world has to offer.

  • The Huqqa Pani Lounge with its gracious old world charm serves a variety of fruit flavored tobacco or sheesha. Apart from the shakes and drinks, the room offers a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere with a glorious view of Murree and the surrounding hills.

  • KFC, Millenium Mall Murree at the end of Mall road

  • Angeethi – the Grill is located adjacent to the Huqqa Pani lounge and follows the same earthen traditional theme. So after relaxing in the lounge, you can come and watch our chefs prepare a variety of mouthwatering barbeque dishes. The beautiful backdrop and the traditional ambience, combined with the delicious food make dining at The Grill an occasion to remember.

  • Peshawar Namak Mandi Restaurant’ on main Kashmir point, an open air terrace with views of the surrounding parks and road. The restaurant is famous for traditional peshawar namak mandi (namkeen tikka and karahai).

  • Usmania Restaurant, Mall Road, Murree, Pakistan,47150, ☎ 053-7612058. Highly recommended restaurant in Muree, Pakistan. Its specialty is Pakistani traditional food.  edit

  • Spicy Grill at Lockwood Hotel Murree, Imtiaz Shaheed Road, Murree, ☎ +92-51-3410112, [x]. Serving traditional Bar Be Que and other gourmet dishes. Mouth watering Bar Be Que served in the moon light under the blue sky at the lush green lawns of Lockwood Hotel.  

Medical Centre:

There are many well equipped medical centres in Murree and surrounding which can always provide you with basic medical treatment,like Abbasi hospital at Suny Bank,Tariq medical centre Bhurban,alshafa clinic Murree and many more.Along with these medical centres there is a military hospital “CMH” situated on Murree mallroad.

Murree Brewery:

(MUREB) is a Pakistani multinational manufacturer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It is Pakistan’s largest and oldest producer of alcoholic products. In 2015, it produced 10 million litres of beer, along with hundreds of tons of single malt whisky, vodka and brandy. Founded by the British in 1860, it is a publicly traded company listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, and its products are exported to India and Bangladesh. In 2014, the company established a flagship store on Park Avenue, in Manhattan, New York City In 2013, it was named by Forbes as one of Asia’s 200 best companies.

Top Universities and Colleges in Murree:

Education here is flourishing and it the most literate area in Pakistan with literacy rate of 69%. Public and private sector educational institutions are increasing. Some of the institutions offering primary, secondary, and tertiary education include:

  • Cadet College Murree                                                                          

  • Lawrence College Ghora Gali                                                                               

  • Kohsar University Murree                                                                              

  • PAF College Lower Topa                                                                              

  • Pakistan Cadet School & College Murree.


The economy heavily relies on tourism. Every year 25000 – 30000 tourists visit here. The Government is exerting efforts to promote tourism in this region and targeting to earn Rs. 1.0 trillion by 2025.


Tourism is the primary industry for livelihood, and thousands of people are associated with it.


Murree is famous all over the world for apples. The region also produces fruits such as apricot, cherry, loquat, walnut, pear, pecan nut, and avocado.

Murree Postal Code

Postal Code: 47150

Area Code:  0593

Issues in Murree:

  • There is no water in pipelines provide by Municipal authorities of District Murree. As a result the price of water tankers is doubled. The government had announced to launch water scheme at Kohala to supply water to Murree but that project would take time. If additional water pump is installed at Java water resource, the supply can be doubled. The TMA and Rs10 million is given to water supply department annually in this Regard collect revenue. However, water available at Java is not suitable for Drinking.

  • Another problem being faced by the tourists and local people is the dug-up roads. Several roads in Murree were dug up last year to lay pipelines, but they continue to lie in the same state as they were back then.

  • A ‘Boycott Murree’ campaign has been initiated on social media after several incidents of torture and harassment with the tourists have been reported. According to some tourists, local guides and agents harassed them and their families but despite their complaints, the authorities did not take any action against the perpetrators. Recently, a video emerged on social media where tourists going to a spot in Murree were being attacked, leading to ‘Boycott Murree’ campaign. Rallies were also held in this regard. The tourists are not the only sufferers, apparently. Local shopkeepers and hotel owners in the scenic town have also complained of misbehavior by some guides. Tourist faces many other problems like safety, Protection etc.

  • Tourist have to face the issues of protection and safety at some areas of Murree.

  • Lack of facilities at picnic places.

  • Lack of jobs opportunities

  • .Less higher educational institutes.

  • Murree is renowned to be a traffic mess. This is because of its ill managed traffic and parking system. It only has a parking capacity of 3,500 vehicles. However, each season more than 210,000 cars enter the hill station. That is sixty times more than what it was originally designed to cater for. This is because most of the hotels lack parking spaces and cars are generally parked on the road side.

  • Murree also lacks alternative exits, because of which thousands of cars are funneled to a specific point on main mall and Murree road causing problems. The project of broadening of Kuldana road as an alternative exit to Murree was initiated last year but it hasn’t been started yet.

  • For Murree snow brings tourists and problems. This is because the Highway department only salts and clears the main roads, and pays less attention to the equally important link roads, causing them to remain blocked for days and weeks.

  • Hoteliers and local hotel agents are often accused of overpricing, misbehave and bad conduct. There is no code of conduct regarding lodging, parking and other facilities. Nevertheless, tourists are looted with both hands, right under the nose of the district administration.

  • The local agents follow and harass families in order to convince rather force them to book a room in their hotel. Such cases have been reported time and time again on social media.

  • Heavy rainfall and land sliding issues.


Murree is a real beauty of Pakistan which is also known as “Queen of Hills”. It looks like a fantasy which grabs the attention of a lot of tourists. Every summer a lot of people from different nations visit it to get rid of the scorching heat of the sun.. Murree is a beautiful town with some lovely heritage spread all across. It is time that local authorities sit together and come up with an alternative vision for Murree. One suggestion is to shift food joints on Mall Road to lower bazaar, developing it into a food street, and leaving Mall Road for traditional colonial restaurants, books and coffee shops. Murree is full of colonial heritage with some lovely hotels, villas, churches and schools spread all over the ridge and its slopes. Students of Lawrence College, Convent and Kohsar University should conduct heritage tours of the town  is common around the world and help visitors understand the history of this lovely hill town.